CEM Multilingual and Multicultural

As you know, at the Colegio Europeo de Madrid education in multiculturalism, as well as in the learning of different languages, is part of its identity. Several studies show that speaking languages benefits the cognitive (intellectual) part of the brain, but it also provides confidence and greater autonomy. Educating in multiculturalism (which includes learning your own language, but also taking on different perspectives and ways of understanding life), fosters interest in other cultures and opens your mind being more respectful, more flexible, and better prepared to succeed in this globalized world.

We share a video with you in which our 4th ESO students, Ainhoa and Daniel, establish a conversation in German. Ready to travel to Germany and enjoy its culture and its people!

en alemán. ¡Listos para viajar a Alemania y disfrutar de su cultura y de su gente!