Our students are congratulated by the European Parliament

The students of 4th ESO have received the congratulations of the European Parliament for their work in the Ambassador Schools Project on the invisibility of women throughout history. A 150-page document contains the latest data on gender-based violence and the pay gap provided by the European Institute for Gender Equality. They also explain the role of the European Parliament and the actions taken to alleviate inequality. They also include the biography of a number of prominent women, both in history and today.

The Colegio Europeo de Madrid, European Parliament’s Ambassador School and mentor, aims, through this programme, to stimulate knowledge of Europe and European parliamentary democracy among its students, providing them with an active knowledge of the European Union and the European Parliament in particular.

Through live webinars and different projects that include interviews with different personalities in the EU, our students learn about the history, current events and future of their community. This is a project in which the analytical capacity and an inquiring attitude are undoubtedly developed among many other skills.