Julen Yuste Muñoz, student of the Colegio Europeo de Madrid, obtains the second highest grade of the EvAU of Madrid

Julen Yuste Muñoz, who began his career at the European School of Madrid in 1st of Primary, has obtained the second highest grade of the Evaluation for access to the University (EvAU) with a grade of 9,975 out of 10 and a 13,925 out of 14.

Julen, a young man of attentive and sincere look, full of vitality and kindness, always ready to participate in any challenge, whether related to technology or debate, has never ceased to amaze us with his virtues and his way of being. Friend of his friends and student of his teachers, brilliant as a person and brilliant as a student, he makes his way to university to study medicine and, if we are sure of anything, it is that he will be an excellent doctor for his talent and for his values.

With 100% pass rate and excellent grades, with 9,878, 9,842 or 9,665, among others, the European School of Madrid is very proud of its students and its teachers who with passion and enthusiasm work every day to get the best out of each of its students.

Con un 100% de aprobados y notas excelentes, con un 9,878, un 9,842 o un 9,665, entre otras, el Colegio Europeo de Madrid se siente muy orgulloso de sus alumnos y de sus profesores que con pasión e ilusión trabajan cada día para sacar lo mejor de cada uno de sus alumnos.