Celebrating wellbeing at CEM

For the fourth consecutive year, the more than 90 schools that are part of the Cognita Family around the world celebrated Global Be Well Day, a celebration involving more than 65,000 students and teachers in different countries.

The main theme this year was a sustainable diet and the impact of technology on wellbeing.

At CEM we have extended this celebration throughout the week from 26th to 30th September and our students have participated in a variety of activities and workshops.

Talks given by parents from our community:

  • Mindfulness and meditation workshop for Baccalaureate.
  • Talk on healthy nutrition
  • Food and the psychological benefits of practising sport

An outstanding visit

We have also had a visit from Beth Kerr, Director of Wellbeing for the Cognita Group, at our school. Beth took part in two sessions with our Primary and ESO students to share her impressions on topics related to this celebration.

“It is wonderful to see how students in every school in the group have an exciting immersive learning experience. It is an opportunity to promote health care and wellness, not only in their education but also throughout their lives,” explains Beth Kerr.

Wellbeing and solidarity

Another highlight of the celebration was the charity tournament for primary and secondary school students. A match in favour of the Abrazo Animal Association in Las Rozas. Wellbeing is reflected in many aspects of our daily lives. One of them is also the need to understand the value of teamwork and to be kind and respectful to others. That is why with this activity, we combined team sport with an action of solidarity that reinforces one of our values: collaboration.

All those who attended the tournament made a donation and, in total, more than €330 was raised, which will contribute to the welfare of many animals.

Of course, there was also plenty of sport and outdoor fun. Our pupils and teachers enjoyed days of exercise to further promote Wellbeing .

Wellbeing is at the heart of the Cognita Group’s education. So much so that all Cognita schools have an integrated programme of emotional accompaniment and support for students throughout their school life. In addition, all schools have Wellbeing and Safeguarding Coordinators to provide physical and emotional support to their students.