Excellence Scholarships at CEM 2023-2024

At CEM, we have always promoted and supported the academic excellence of our students. We firmly believe that effort, dedication, and a passion for learning are qualities that should be rewarded and acknowledged. That’s why we want to celebrate and share the scholarships of excellence granted to some of our students, who will receive between 10% and 50% off the tuition fee for the 2023-2024 academic year in different grade levels.

1st year in Secondary (ESO):

  • Paula Heras: 9.75
  • Martina Ávila: 9.67
  • Mauro González: 9.17
  • Carolina de la Fuente: 9.17

2nd year in Secondary (ESO):

  • Carmen Rodríguez: 9.71
  • María Cárcamo: 9.50
  • Adrián Escolano: 9.07
  • Carla González: 8.93

3rd year in Secondary (ESO):

  • Adriana Pozo: 9.15
  • David Jiménez: 9.08
  • Aitana Díaz: 9.08
  • Águeda Gómez: 9.08

4th year in Secondary (ESO):

  • Irene Heras: 9.67
  • Leire Fernández: 9.33
  • Ana Cureses: 8.75
  • Patricia Fernández: 8.58

1st Bachillerato:

  • Diego Añez: 10
  • Rocío Morán: 10
  • Pablo Bartolomé: 10
  • Julia Pérez: 9.38

We are confident that they will continue to shine both in the upcoming academic year and in their future endeavors.

Congratulations to all the scholarship recipients, and thanks to their teachers for inspiring the entire school community with their academic excellence.