Philosophy for Children in Colegio Europeo de Madrid

“Talking about a philosophically healthy person is talking about someone who recognizes and takes the opportunity to build on someone’s else opinion”  Elena Morilla, Teacher of Philosophy for Children at CEM
Under the premise that students not only learn more and better by dialogue, but using it, we are training people fully prepared to think critically, empathize and understand any situation defending ideas and emotions but without leaving aside how important it is to listen to others, at the European College of Madrid the subject of Philosophy for Children is taught in a transversal way in all subjects from Infants to 2nd Baccalaureate.
In Infants and Primary we use stories and paintings, abstract and realistic, to initiate philosophical dialogue. In secondary and Baccalaureate, the news and the different subjects offer great opportunities for reflection and dialogue. In our quest for children to be curious and to remain curious throughout their lives, CEM does not teach theory, theory is used to learn to think, to create and to express, and, Philosophy for Children is the basis of this way of transmitting knowledge.

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