We teach from the Heart

'The boy is not a glass filled but a fire to turn' - Francois

Early pioneers in education since 1991. The European College of Madrid and Infant School, Bebin, offer an innovative and personalized education in a caring and multilingual environment.


Our educational model has the following basic principles:


  • Intelligence and personality of a human being are the result of both genetic endowment and the education received.
  • The formation of a child is decisive in its early years, since the availability of individual learning is full.
  • Education should provide students with the motivation, skills and resources to continue learning throughout their lives.
  • The family is the essential pillar in the transmission of values ​​and structure that needs a human being to develop in a balanced way and be able to successfully face the challenges of society.


Based on the consideration that every child is born with potential intelligence that is necessary to stimulate and develop, we use a methodology that enriches the teaching – learning process and provides students with the greatest potential for development in different areas of knowledge to their access to University.

Self-knowledge and Self-Esteem
Personal initiative
Personal consistency
Social skills
Personal development
Positive thinking
Solidarity and Social Action

Our Personal Growth Program is formed based on:

Bebin students CEM and enjoy a cutting-edge education system that prepares them to acquire personal skills beyond those expected in the traditional education system.