Strategic leading, responsability, supervision and security for the educational development

The Chair of Governors

For the the Colegio Europeo de Madrid it is a privilege to count on the support of our Chair of Governors. She helps us to achieve the excellence that the school pursues on a daily basis, with her key goal being to develop the internal leadership and global mindset of each of our students.


With this aim, our Chair of Governors works continuously with the school’s management to ensure that we achieve the highest academic standards, helping our management team to establish a clear vision of the values and strategic planning of CEM. She monitors the performance of the school’s employees and the students and ensures the optimal management of our school’s material resources.


Without question, this support allows us to meet the most demanding requirements and confidently face our future challenges.


See article:  “Leading governors: The role of the chair of governors in schools and academies’

Source: National College for Teaching and Leadership,

Ms Fidelma Murphy MA, Hdip.Ed

CEM is delighted to be able to call upon the expert advice of Ms Fidelma Murphy, the current Director of Education in Spain, who has over 25 years of experience at the forefront of international education in Germany, Spain, Ireland and the Middle East.


As part of her role, Ms Murphy works closely with the school’s Principal in the appointment of staff, monitoring the performance of different areas of the school and providing constructive criticism to help us to achieve the excellence that we pursue in everything that we do.


Ms Murphy remarks: “It is an honour to be Cognita’s Director of Education in Spain for CEM. It is a joy to be able to interact with the students in CEM; they are open-minded citizens who are actively involved in their learning process. They are also reflective communicators who embrace opportunities to develop all of their skills. All of the school’s teaching staff strive to prepare personalised educational programmes that are tailored to the needs of their students and they form a community that is constantly seeking to improve and grow. The level of academic and personal progress of the students is comparable with what you will find in the top schools across the world.”


Ms Murphy has extensive experience in international schools and she was a member of the working group that planned the “Outstanding Schools Programme” in the Middle East.


Ms Murphy has been a principal at two international schools, an International Baccalaureate school visitor and an examiner for Cambridge exams. Fidelma joined Cognita in August 2018.

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