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Academic Excellence

Shine as individuals and as professionals

For over 30 years, Colegio Europeo de Madrid has cultivated excellence and personalised attention in education. Our comprehensive academic programme spans from Infants to 2nd year of Baccalaureate (Pre-university), ensuring students are well-prepared for their university and professional futures.

We focus on equipping each student with skills, knowledge, and confidence for success in their chosen fields, evident in our consistent academic achievements.

Where education meets the future

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Academic results

Results EvAU (University Entrance Assessment) 2024

Average grade of 7.78

CAU (University Entrance Qualification)

Average note of 11.09

out of 14 in the specific phase, with 20% of students scoring above 12.


Highest individual score: 14 out of 14.

Excellence Scholarships 2023-2024

Recognizing effort and talent

Colegio Europeo de Madrid awards scholarships ranging from 50% to 10% of tuition fees to recognize and reward students who stand out for their effort, dedication, and talent. In this way, we support them on their educational journey and motivate them to continue developing their skills. With this initiative, at CEM, we reaffirm our commitment to the comprehensive education of our students, promoting a rich learning environment full of opportunities.

  • 1ºESO (PAI 2)
    • Andrea Cárcamo: 440 (media 31,429) 5MH
    • Amaia Arenas: 431 (media 30,786) 1 MH
    • Marina Maceda: 430 (media 30,714) 2 MH
    • Adriana Romero: 427 (media 30,500) 4 MH
  • 2ºESO
    • Paula Heras: 9,769 4 MH
    • Martina Ávila: 9,615 2 MH
    • Clara Moreira: 9,538 3 MH
    • Mauro González: 9,308 2MH
  • 3ºESO
    • Carmen Rodríguez: 9,769 8MH
    • María Cárcamo: 9,615 6MH
    • Pablo Juárez: 9,231 1MH
    • Carla González: 9,077 0MH
  • 4ºESO
    • Includes Educational Support (Atención Educativa).
    • Javier Nieto: 9,818 4MH
    • Aitana Díaz: 9,727 3MH
    • Adriana Guerrero: 9,636 5MH
    • Inés Desmoulin: 9,545 3MH
  • 1ºBach
    • Irene Heras: 9,889 4MH
    • Ana Cureses: 9,889 3MH
    • Leire Fernández: 9,556 2MH
    • Daniel Diéguez: 9,222 0MH

Official language exams preparation

CEM is a Cambridge School with free official exam preparation for our students.

We also offer French, German and Chinese language preparation and certification with recognised institutions: Aliance Française and Goethe Institut, respectively.

Cambridge (English)

2nd Year of Baccalaureate:

3 students obtained Cambridge certification in English.

1st grade of Baccalaureate:

2 students obtained the CAE (Certificate in Advanced English).


12 students obtained FCE (First Certificate in English).


12 students obtained the PET (Preliminary English Test).
27 students obtained the KET (Key English Test).

DELF (French)

1st grade of Secondary:

4 students received DELF A1.

2nd grade of Secondary:

1 student received DELF A2.

3rd grade of Secondary:

2 students received DELF B1 and B2.

Fit (German)


5 students obtained the FIT in Deutsch A1.

HSK (Chinese)


1 student obtained the HSK Chinese proficiency test.


8 students obtained the HSK Chinese proficiency test.
1 student obtained the HSK 1
1 student obtained the HSK 2

Great performance in double degrees

Students who opt for universities in Spain, whether public or private, are gaining access to double degrees in English, Medicine, Mathematical Engineering or Aeronautics.

We also have students who continue their education in different countries and in both cases, the results are remarkable from the beginning.

These results demonstrate the passion and dedication with which all CEM teachers carry out their work

It seems to me like a very good school, family-oriented, with a high quality of teaching staff, and improving in foreign language programs.

– CEM Parent 2023

Come and discover Colegio Europeo de Madrid

Where education meets the future

Colegio Europeo de Madrid

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