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Digital Citizenship at CEM

More than technology, Responsible Citizenship

When we talk about digital education at CEM, we're not just referring to integrating technology into the classroom, but also empowering our students to become responsible digital citizens.

Our commitment to fostering digital safety and prosperity among our students is reflected in initiatives designed to equip them with essential skills in the digital era.

Where education meets the future

Come and discover Colegio Europeo de Madrid.

Every Student Gets Their Own Device

Since 2021, all Cognita Schools have initiated the innovative one-to-one devices project, marking the next step in our digital learning journey. This initiative ensures that our students are equipped with a device, either an iPad (from 2nd to 5th grade in Primary) or a laptop (from 6th grade in Primary to 2nd Baccalaureate). Students in Infants and 1st grade of Primary also have access to digital resources and tools with shared devices.

We believe that 1-to-1 devices are powerful tools that augment and transform the learning experience, always facilitated through controlled and supervised use of devices, creating a dynamic and interactive learning environment.

This initiative enhances educational experiences and prepares students for future technological demands.

Uniting Technology with Human Values

We guide students toward a future rich with opportunities through hands-on experiences with cutting-edge technology like the Sanbot Robot and 3D printer.

I am grateful for the individualised care and attention you've provided to my son since the beginning.

– CEM Parent 2023

Digital Health & Wellbeing

Prioritising the well-being of our students in the digital realm, our Digital Health Program focuses on fostering a balanced and healthy relationship with technology.

We educate students through talks and workshops on responsible device use, online risks, and the importance of maintaining a digital footprint that reflects their values.

Come and discover Colegio Europeo de Madrid

Where education meets the future

Colegio Europeo de Madrid

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