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Innovation Programs & Projects

Crafting tomorrow's leaders

Colegio Europeo de Madrid's Innovation Programs are a roadmap to cultivating future leaders. The Ulysses Debate Project hones communication skills in both English and Spanish, while Philosophy for Children, Radio Workshop, and the Ithaca Creative Writing and Reading Project foster critical thinking and creativity.

Embracing technological innovation, we ensure students are well-prepared for the digital era ahead.

Where education meets the future

Come and discover Colegio Europeo de Madrid.

Cultivating critical citizens

CEM cultivates future leaders through programs fostering critical thinking and rhetoric, from Philosophy for Children to the Ulysses Debate Project and Radio Workshop.

Our Ítaca Project, an ACADE Educational Innovation Awards finalist, promotes reading and creative writing.

Our Innovation Programs & Projects

Transforming Education for a Bright Future
Debate Project

Through the Ulysses Debate Project, your children will develop oral skills in English and Spanish that will make them stand out in any setting. From Primary to Baccalaureate, we adapt this exceptional programme so that each year our students grow in confidence, respect and teamwork.

Philosophy for children 

From early years through to Baccalaureate, our classrooms are settings for active dialogue and critical thinking. Our unique approach not only improves academic performance, but also promotes self-exploration and emotional intelligence, laying the foundation for well-rounded, confident individuals.

Radio workshop

The main objective of this workshop is to enhance the communication skills of our students. Through voice-over, improvisation and presentation techniques, students acquire essential diction and communication skills while strengthening their ability to convey their ideas effectively.

Creative reading & writing 

Reading and writing are the cornerstones of agile learning and effective communication in today's world. Our students explore diverse literary genres, unleashing their imagination and equipping them with essential tools to express their thoughts and emotions.

Leaders in tech innovation

We have embraced the technological revolution and made it our most powerful ally. From projects like European Valley, our technology lab, to our collaboration with Century Tech, we integrate technology to foster creativity and critical thinking, preparing our students for the ever-evolving digital society and promoting responsible digital health practices.

Performance analytics tool

In our constant search for the cutting edge in education, we have brought to life our unique tool: Student Performance Analytics. The tool is based on data analysis and the application of Intellectual Attitude Factor Assessments (EFAI). In this way, we can track the evolution of each student and forge predictions of their results in order to personalise each student's education.

An excellent school, emphasising a family-oriented environment, boasting a high-caliber teaching staff, and making strides in innovation.

– CEM Parent 2023

Come and discover Colegio Europeo de Madrid

Where education meets the future

Colegio Europeo de Madrid

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