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Parents & School Platforms

Fostering Active Participation

At CEM, we recognize the importance of collaboration between the school and families in the education of students. In addition to our digital platforms, we offer an enriching space for parents: the "Parent School."

This program is created with the purpose of strengthening the connection within the CEM community, providing valuable resources and knowledge on various educational topics.

Platforms: Connection, Collaboration, and Information

We provide our families with a comprehensive set of platforms designed to facilitate communication, management, and academic support for our students. These tools not only simplify access to essential information but also strengthen collaboration between the school and parents.


With Toddle, collaboration between teachers and parents reaches a new level. Easily explore curricula, assignments, and activities, and actively participate in the educational development of your children.


Phidias is our comprehensive private management platform. From, we manage all crucial information between the school and parents.


Educational innovation at a click. From 2nd ESO onwards, our students have access to this leading platform that offers dynamic resources and interactive tools to enhance personalized and collaborative learning. The key to academic success in the digital era.

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