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They shine as individuals and they will shine as professionals

CEMa bilingual private school and pioneer in Early Education, following the model of Glenn Doman, has managed to be a true academic reference, thanks to the success obtained in the EVAU, among other recognitions, where every year our students get 100% approved and with a high average mark.

Our school, located in Las Rozas, has more than 25 years of experience, where our students start their education in  BEBIN and continue, from primary, in CEM. In this way, we offer an academic project that goes from 0 years to university.

Last year, nearly 12% of our 2nd graders scored above 13 points out of 14 on college entrance tests. And about 21% exceeded 12 points. With these scores, it should be noted that virtually all students who finish their studies at CEM have the opportunity to access the careers they choose as their first choice and, almost as importantly, we want to highlight that they can do it at universities around the world, because although our academic curriculum is Spanish, thanks to the competence demonstrated in English in external tests, such as the Cambridge exams or the SAT, access examinations to the American university, there are many students who decide to pursue their higher education at universities in the UK and in the USA, and even many of them with sports or academic excellence scholarships.

Students who choose the university in Spain, whether public or private, are accessing on academic merits to double degrees in English, Medicine, or Mathematical or Aeronautical Engineering and their results are remarkable, practically, from the beginning.

Our students’ academic success is attributed in large part to our innovative educational model. We cannot continue to teach as in the industrialized era of the 19th century because our students will face, at the end of high school, a complex society by the speed at which everything moves and that make the basic pillars of traditional education wobbly, both from the point of view of the curriculum, and by the way of grouping students in the classroom, the methodology that is implemented and the teachers role. It’s time to return to the concept of a Greek school, a learning community where content is explored from the curiosity and interests of students, through critical and creative thinking. A school in which the teacher recovers the functions of mentor, guide, instigator, propellant, generator, catalyst. A school where the protagonists are the students.

At CEM we encourage each student to develop his talent to the fullest and to dedicate himself to the rest of his life to what he is passionate about, because only in this way he will succeed professionally and personally.

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