Our team

Teachers that open minds and touch the heart

CEM has a team of highly qualified and committed teachers, and being one of its key pillars the International Education, in addition to native or bilingual teachers has native language assistants at every educational stage.

Our teachers educate through experiences always following some key aspects:

  • Helping
  • Inspiring
  • Motivating
  • Exciting
  • Influencing

Our school heads

Olivia Baena

BEBIN Nursery & Infant Education Coordinator

“My profession engages me with society to create the best professionals of the future.”

Luis Vega

Head of Primary Education

“Being a teacher is: an adventure of helping to learn and live together by forming a “school family””

Victor Aunión

Head of Secondary & Sixth Form Education

“Teaching in Greek is didasko, which literally means ”helping someone to grow””.

Jorge Calvo

Head of Innovation

“Technology must be always adapted to our classroom methodology. Innovate and Educate must always go toguether”

Esmerada Velasco

Guidance Department

“We work to provide an individualized response to the diversity of the classroom.”

María Delgado

Safeguarding leader

“For me being a teacher is to maintain the illusion of reaching the inside of those who will soon be People”