Our Team

Teachers that open minds and touch the heart

Our Teachers

CEM has a team of highly qualified and committed teachers, and being one of its key pillars the International Education, in addition to native or bilingual teachers has native language assistants at every educational stage.

Our teachers educate through experiences always following some key aspects:

Our Leadership Team

Marta Pérez Ximénez de Embún

CEM Headteacher

As Nelson Mandela said: “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”.

Marta has fourteen years of teaching experience and an extensive international background. In addition, she has always shown a great interest in continuous training. She has a degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (I.N.E.F.) and also has a degree in Foreign Language Teaching (English) and Physical Education. She obtained her PhD in Sport Psychology in 2017. Marta’s professional career abroad for more than seven years has always focused on the international school environment of various curricula, where it is worth mentioning her experience of three years in a boarding school, “Christ’s Hospital” in West Sussex (England), two years in “Oeiras International School” located in Lisbon (Portugal) and another two years in the “International School of London”. The last four years Marta has developed her professional career within the leadership teams at the International School of London and now back in Spain, at Hastings School in Madrid.

On a more personal level, Marta focused her PhD on Sport Psychology, her area of specialisation being research on the impact of motivational climates, well-being and performance of young people. In addition to her career in teaching, in different environments, it is also worth mentioning her enormous love for sport, where she has had a very successful career. Among many other milestones, it is worth highlighting Marta’s representation of Spain as an international U-19 football player.

One of her constant goals has always been to help young people develop their strengths and inspire them to achieve their infinite potential, both in education and in sport. Marta is passionate about travelling to learn about different cultures, reading and investing as much time as she can in sharing leisure time with her friends and family.

Sarah Ebery

CEM Excutive Director

“The future is changing and I am confident that we are preparing our students incredibly well for what is to come: we do this by focusing on respect, tolerance, friendship, character development and achieving excellent academic results”.

Since completing her studies in Economics at the University of Southampton, Sarah has developed an extensive career in education with a PGCE in Modern Foreign Languages and an MA in Educational Leadership. Her early career has been international, living abroad in both Turkey and Mexico until 2014, when she took up her first position as Headteacher of a school in Hampshire, England, called Meoncross. This experience has allowed her to develop team management skills and broaden her knowledge of all aspects of international schools and education. Sarah is multilingual in English, French, Spanish and German.

In 2018 Sarah joined TEMS as Principal and so far her work has been based on two main pillars: ensuring the highest quality standards in the school, as well as always establishing open and honest communication with the whole school community.

Abigail Kay

Infants Deputy Head

“My profession commits me to society in order to create the best professionals of the future”.

Luis Vega

Head of Primary

“Being a teacher is: an adventure of helping to learn and living together as a “school family”.

José Bañales

Head of Secondary

“To teach in Greek is called didasko, which literally means ‘to help someone to grow’.

Jorge Calvo

Head of Innovation

“Technology must be always adapted to our classroom methodology. Innovate and Educate must always go toguether”

Esmerada Velasco

Guidance Department

“We work to provide an individualized response to the diversity of the classroom.”

María Delgado

Safeguarding Leader

“For me being a teacher is to maintain the illusion of reaching the inside of those who will soon be People”