Ulysses Debate Project

The Ulysses Debate Project was born with the intention of providing students with necessary skills for their future. Through this Project we are teaching them to have criteria when choosing information, to be critical, to develop the ability to speak in public, to express their ideas, to appreciate different points of view and, of course, to be people with values, because they will be the citizens of tomorrow and the ones in charge of creating a better society for all.

This project is being implemented at all levels, both in Spanish and English, through games, class exhibitions, role plays, rebuttals, presentations, and debates to acquire the necessary skills to present any topic or even go to an interview and have the guaranteed success.

One of the intrinsic objectives in this project is to make students feel confident when speaking in public and know how to look for information for jobs or projects, combining it with the management of technology and making appropriate use of applications. Another advantage of this methodology and, undoubtedly, one of the most significant, is that there is not a single student who maintains a passive attitude in class. Everyone participates and feels important in their opinion on each of the issues.

Finally, this project prepares students to participate in local, community and national tournaments and even with schools in other countries, fostering relationships with other students of their age and living enriching experiences.

The After-School Debate Club is an extension of this project, and the evolution of its participants is truly amazing.