Our Sustainability Project is already underway, in which both students and teachers are eager to get involved to contribute their bit and bet on a sustainable world.In primary school, we began our journey with the creation of an “urban ecological garden” in which the group of gardeners of 3rd Primary is already looking forward to their plants bearing fruit and take them to the kitchen and prepare them!

The aim of this activity is for the children to learn healthy living habits, to learn how plants grow and what they need, to work as a team, to take care of living things and to develop an environmental awareness.

At the same time, the Infant Education pupils are working on a beautiful project on plants in English, so that they learn to enjoy them, to take care of them and to recognise their importance for human beings. They are also looking at the parts that make them up and are already differentiating between indoor and outdoor plants!

Of course, Secondary also forms part of this Sustainability Project. In fact, they are going to start a proposal focused on recycling in order to promote ecological awareness and the acquisition of environmentally friendly habits in the classroom. To this end, during the tutoring sessions at the end of this week, pupils will be asked to volunteer to participate as representatives and they will be explained what their participation will consist of. In the working group meetings, students will organise how to bring recycling into the classroom (setting up and removing paper bins) and think of small campaigns to promote recycling, such as posters or videos.

Committed, respectful, active and team-oriented students. If practice makes perfect, these children will be masters of values and virtuous in the way they tackle any project they are given!