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Every day, in the care of outstanding professionals, our babies, from the age of 4 months, enjoy a programme that is fully tailored to their needs. The personalised service and affection that they receive ensures they are happy and helps to settle them into their routines.

During this stage, as in all others, we provide continuous advice, so that you always feel supported and heard. We are delighted to support you and ensure that you see your children’s education for what it is: a gift of life.

In an environment in which the inmersion into the English language is up to two thirds of the day and that it has its own educational project, the aim of the nursery and infant stage is to boost the intelligence of your children, from birth and up to the age of 6, by offering multiple learning opportunities without ever forcing them to develop abilities and without trying to push them beyond their current developmental stage.

The facilities in this stage are designed to encourage curiosity, creativity and imagination and invite children to explore, discover and play. The luminous spaces, convey joy and support the school’s pedagogical model with personalized teaching where the student is the centre of learning.

BEBIN’s engaging, fun and friendly environment prepares children for school life and teaches them how to live, interact and enjoy life, making this school a unique place which the children never forget.

Our Infant School opening hours:

  • We are open every day of the year except weekends, national holidays, Community of Madrid holidays, 24th and 31st December. You can check the details in our school calendar.
  • Our school hours are from 9:00 to 17:00 h on school days. If you need your child to arrive earlier or leave later, it is necessary to book our wraparound service available from 7:00 to 19:00 h. The opening hours on non-school days and holiday periods are from 8:30 to 17:00 h – wraparound service is not available on non-school days.


In a context of experiential and discovery learning, the students “learn how to learn” in a bilingual environment (English-Spanish) from primary school Year 1, and they can choose German, Chinese or French as a second foreign language.

The radio workshop, arts classroom and digital and science laboratories are working tools designed to achieve the goals set during this stage through collaborative learning.

We must also highlight our Philosophy for Children programme, which starts when our students are aged 4 and continues until they are in the 2nd year of Sixth Form. Throughout, critical thinking, reasoning, listening, public speaking and values such as respect are enhanced, and the student develops abilities that help to boost their self-esteem and, therefore, their happiness.


Chess is also part of the Colegio Europeo de Madrid’s curriculum, as it combines reasoning with imagination, thus increasing the student’s capacity for strategic analysis. We also include drama, using plays in English to continue enhancing children’s public speaking skills, improve their memory and develop their imagination and creativity.

In terms of sports, at this stage the students can choose between judo, dance, fencing and athletics as part of the curriculum.

Enrichment Programme for Primary and Secondary: for students who stay for lunch at CEM, we offer an enrichment programme with workshops on different subjects (theatre, art, languages…) and reinforcement of core subjects. We also offer support in preparing for official foreign language exams.

E.S.O. (Secondary)

In secondary school we continue working to develop collaborative skills, prioritising the use of active, participatory and experiential methods.

The students maintain their curiosity through discovery and investigation and they learn how to arrange their thoughts to present and discuss their ideas.

Their ability to communicate in English and Spanish grows stronger during this stage thanks to the Philosophy for Children programme and the radio and TV workshops, as can be seen from the results that we have obtained in debating tournaments.

We promote the certification of our students in the various languages studied at the Colegio Europeo de Madrid through Cambridge University, the Aliançe Française, the Goethe Institut and the Confucius Institute.

We are a European Parliament Ambassador School and we are also involved in science and humanities projects with the European University of Madrid, the Complutense University of Madrid and the Autonomous University of Madrid.


During this period, thanks to the personalised assistance and ongoing and unconditional support of the teachers, students make the best of themselves and achieve the best results.

Additionally, the skills that the students acquire by participating in the creation of real projects and continuing their education in several languages and in public speaking helps them to access university and the job market. Moreover, the values that they learn over time, their adaptability, their global mindset and their capacity to concentrate allows them to shine in any situation and anywhere in the world.

The pathways that we offer are Baccalaureates* in Health Sciences and Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences. *equivalent to A Levels in the UK.

The results in University Admission Assessment Tests and the percentage of our students who are studying in universities abroad illustrate the high standards achieved through our students’ academic and personal preparation.