We teach from the heart

"A child is not a glass to fill but a fire to light"

Our history

1. BEBIN Infant School

In 1991, Martine Lafarge created the BEBIN Infant School in Torrelodones, inspired by children’s ability to acquire knowledge and develop skills through the Glenn Doman education programme. The success of her students was clear from the start and this encouraged her to continue investing in human resources and equipment.

2. Our project

From 1993, with the support of a team of professionals led by the Principal Emma Pérez Madorrán, an educational psychologist, we worked on the Educational Project that is currently being implemented in the BEBIN nursery and infant stage of the Colegio Europeo de Madrid.

3. Colegio Europeo de Madrid

In 1998, encouraged and supported by the parents of numerous students, Martine Lafarge opened the Colegio Europeo de Madrid, to proceed further with the BEBIN Project, using the same educational process-enhancing methodology, giving students the best chance to develop in different areas of knowledge before going to university.

4. European Valley

In 2016 we created EuropeanValley, a digital laboratory designed to incorporate educational technology into lessons and develop digital competence based on real projects and goals.

5. Cognita Schools

In November 2018, CEM joined forces with a leading education group, Cognita, with the aim of broadening its students’ opportunities for growth and development through its bilingual approach for children aged between 0 and 18.


Our project


The main objective of CEM is to equip its students for the challenges of the future and to help them cultivate the skills and values that allow them to grow and develop in the world to which they belong.

CEM is based on the folowing

  • In CEM students grow up in a highly affective environment in which the transmission of values such as effort, respect, honesty and solidarity stands out.
  • Every child is born with an intelligence potential that needs to be stimulated and developed. This principle leads us to use a methodology that enriches the teaching-learning process and provides the student with the maximum possibilities of development in the different areas of knowledge until their access to the university.
  • The implementation of an excellent program to learn different languages  from the earliest childhood, favors the future predisposition for the improvement and the rapid integration and linguistic immersion of each of the languages that are studied.
  • The applied methodology should offer its students the maximum learning opportunities. The goal of this system is for all students to learn in the best way and in the long term, to understand the application of what they have learned and enjoy their learning.
  • Technology  is a tool that helps to personalize learning and it is also used in the classroom for the student to understand and experience for its use in the real configuration and in the future practice.

In order to comply with these principles, in addition to relying on proven teaching or learning technique resources, CEM has a number of programs that consolidate the basis of its project. These programs that are known as Personal Growth Programs are:

In Infants:

  • Psicomotricity programme
  • Poliglot Babies programme
  • Learning to think programme
  • Multiple intelligence programme
  • Chess programme
  • Music and drawing programme
  • Mental arithmetic

From primary:

  • Multilingual programme
  • Communicacion’s programme
  • Philosophy for Children
  • Chess project
  • Entrepreneurial culture
  • KIVA programme, school bulling prevention
  • European Valley, technology for life
All these programs, which are developed on the pillars of the school: education in values, pedagogical innovation, international education and personalized attention, contribute to the academic excellence and effective learning of our students.

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